Early Care Collaborative Action Grants

To build a strong foundation for children entering kindergarten, United Way is providing grants to two regional Early Child Care Collaborative Action Teams (CATs). The grants are designed so each community can tailor its investment to enhance early childhood education and development.

Today, only 50% of parents of pre-kindergarten children read or show picture books to their kids each day. Only 24% of local children are socially and emotionally ready when they start kindergarten. Affordable, quality child care can mitigate this situation and prepare children for success in school and beyond.

In Castroville, the Summer Bridge program for incoming Kindergarten students provides a intensive, six-week program that prepares children to gain the skills needed to start school and keep up in class.

In Gonzales, United Way is working with the informal “Friends, Families and Neighbors” (FFN) child care providers and supporting them with networking opportunities and resouces, so they can increase their capacity and quality. 

United Way is also working to develop a countywide child care resource and referral system to help:

  • Parents find affordable and quality child care.
  • Providers communicate available slots to parents.
  • Planners to make decisions that ensure an efficient use or resources.