Emerging Leaders Society

What is the Emerging Leaders Society?
United Way’s Emerging Leaders Society is a new generation of leaders committed to BIG and LASTING CHANGE in our community.

What makes an Emerging Leader?
The Emerging Leaders Society is open to anyone 21-35 years old who is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. An Emerging Leader is an individual who is committed and compassionate about investing efforts into providing access to resources and improving lives throughout our community.  Society members generate positive change in our community by promoting the value of volunteering and philanthropy, along with leading and participating in United Way events. Emerging Leaders Society members strive to gain a better understanding of the needs in our area and take action in addressing those needs through giving, advocating and/or volunteering.

What can the Emerging Leaders Society offer?
Member Volunteer Projects
This unique and dynamic group offers members a variety of ways to become involved in improving lives. The Emerging Leaders Society works closely with UWMC to identify volunteer projects and fundraising opportunities aligned with United Way’s goals.

Professional Development and Networking
Our members understand the importance of investing in their community to promote sustainability and improve lives. The Emerging Leaders Society fosters that understanding by providing educational opportunities designed to inform members about health and human service issues. Through the Emerging Leaders Society, members will interact with other important local leaders and be a part of addressing the issues that matter the most to our community. Members will also benefit from the opportunity to participate in a variety of social- and business-related events, valuable networking opportunities, and regular updates on the impact of United Way's work.

Advocacy Training
Through the Emerging Leaders Society, and in partnership with UWMC Board of Directors, members advocate for the advancement of policy to help families become self-sufficient. Opportunities to participate locally and in an annual advocacy trip to Sacramento.
How do I become a member of the Emerging Leaders Society?
Emerging leaders contribute a gift of $100 or more annually to United Way Monterey County through the Annual Giving Campaign. If you make a gift to the United Way Monterey County Campaign through your workplace, your gift qualifies you for membership.