Pebble Beach Concours a Boon to Locals

Although we're happy to have our community back to ourselves, we're thankful that the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and Car Week were such as success.  Venues all across the peninsula and beyone benefited from the shows.  Hotels and inns in Carmel were 99% full for about 10 days and the same was true of other communities.
In addition to hotels and restaurants, different businesses that reported significant bump from Car Week are photographers, hair dressers, masseuses, florists, wineries, musicians, caterers, taxi companies among many.  Employees got extra hours and additional tips; for many it's their best week in terms of income.

United Way Monterey County values its long relationship with the Concours d'Elegance and the Pebble Beach Company. United Way has a contract with Pebble Beach Concours to handle all aspects of tickets sales and benefits from the generosity of the people who attend the event.   Concours is important to our community.  This year it attracted 15,000 people from around the world and raised $1,077,220 for charity.  Here's a picture of Mary Adams, Bill Perocchi and Katy Castagna at one of the many Concours events.