What Does “Community” Mean to You?

Impact Monterey County is a chance for everyone in our community to be heard.  Yet what is a community?  How is a community defined?  Communities are by nature a shared idea.  Yet what constitutes a community can be a personal matter.  We are also not limited to being in only one community.  All of us are able to identify with multiple communities.  Before having community discussions it is important to have a common definition for what a community is.
For Impact Monterey County a community is a group of people joined by a common place.  A community shares social ties. A community is full of people with different characteristics.   In our eyes Monterey County is a community.
How do you define “community”? Your family? Your neighborhood?  Your City?  
Impact Monterey County is interested in hearing from your community.  We want people to share their hopes and aspirations for the future of our community at large.  To do this we are reaching out to the public in two ways.  You can take the survey. You can also sign up to participate in a community conversation.
We can’t wait to hear from you!