Shared Measurement

What if there are organizations that are doing good work for their communities? How do they know if their work is really making a difference? Do they even have the same tools to measure their impact? It’s important that these organizations have shared measurement. Shared Measurement means that organizations are measuring the same things and in the same way. So, why is shared measurement so important? Shared Measurement is important for many reasons. For example, it lets different organizations share important information from the community. This shared information makes their discussions clearer and more effective. And when people have the same information and have clear discussions, then they can do more good for the community. Shared information also lets everyone know when things aren’t really working. Then they can quickly move away from ineffective work to effective work. Basically, Shared Measurement helps organizations work toward a common goal for community development. But a Shared Measurement system doesn’t just fall out of the sky. First, organizations must design a measurement tool that they can agree on. Second, they have to develop the tool by working out all the kinks and making sure it will do what it’s supposed to do. Third, they must deploy the tool and continue to look at it to make sure it’s working well. So, how does Shared Measurement relate to Impact Monterey County? The whole purpose of Impact Monterey County is to see what county residents want for their communities. Then all the service organizations in the county can use that same information to agree on common goals for making the community better. Then those organizations can use the goals to guide the creation of a Shared Measurement system. Then the Shared Measurement system will successfully measure their future impact on the community. Thus, Shared Measurement relates very closely to Impact Monterey County.