The Community Assessment Survey is Complete!

Impact Monterey County Update

You Answered After 70 community conversations and 7,125 surveys from adults and high school students across the county, the Impact Monterey County's (IMC) Community Assessment is finally complete! The IMC task force team is analyzing the resuls so as to pinpoint the needs and aspirations of the Monterey Peninsula. These findings will be used to create an action plan for overcoming some of the greatest challenges facing our region. To learn more about the IMC Community Assessment's findings, you can read the final reports for the Youth and Adult Surveys, as well as the Community Conversations, which are listed below.

Impact Monterey County's Adult Survey

Impact Monterey County's Youth Survey

Impact Monterey County's Community Conversations

Impact Monterey County is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the United Way Monterey andconsists of non-profits, businesses, public agencies, and the community all working together to identify the most effective ways to improve life in our County.