UWMC Partners with Catholic Charities

United Way Monerey County is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Catholic Charities to create the Pathways to Stability initiative for families in Monterey County. This partnership is rooted in three impactful goals: 


1) Preventing family homelessness

2) Increasing family stability and movement toward self-sufficiency

3) Reducing school mobility


UWMC and Catholic Charities will be employing a two-generation approach, where parents, caregivers and their children learn and work together to bring about a brighter tomorrow. UWMC and Catholic Charities are excited about this groundbreaking partnering opportunity. Both organizations believe that through joint collaboration, innovative strategy and effective execution will emerge. With such a bold plan, UWMC is enthusiastic that there will be new opportunities for United Way supporters to get involved as volunteers and advocates. This is the new United Way and we’re very excited share it with Monterey County.