2019 CHOMP Campaign Payroll Deduction

Thank you for your support of United Way Monterey County through the CHOMP Employee Giving Campaign. You are making a difference in our community.  You have selected payroll deduction as your United Way contribution method.  Please complete this form by December 6, 2019. You will receive an electronic acknowledgement of your gift.  For questions, please contact your employee campaign manager Dan Limesand.

If selecting an other amount, please indicate the amount below.
$ 26.00
If you only want your contribution to come out in one pay period, enter the amount in the box below.
$ 1.00
CHOMP Payroll Deductions
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ROLLOVER PLEDGE: I understand that this pledge is ongoing and I authorize CHOMP to make the above deduction from my paycheck until I notify the Payroll & Benefits department otherwise.
I want to be part of United Way's Emerging Leaders Society (ELS), a new generation of leaders ages 21-35 who are committed to BIG and LASTING CHANGE in our community. To support our work, I commit to an annual gift of $100 or more.

Designations (Optional)

Please direct my contribution to the following non-profit organization ($60 minimum annually per designated organization)
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