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Yélena to Succeed in School

Bright and bubbly, Yélena can’t decide whether she likes cats or dogs best. Which is great, as she wants to grow up to be a veterinarian. She’s a star reader at her school and loves discovering new worlds through books. She has the ability and drive to succeed. But she’s had to overcome a lot.

Since moving to Salinas nearly a year ago to pursue career prospects, her family has been struggling.  Her stepdad is a well-spoken veteran with several tours abroad but the job he was counting on to support his family feel through.  So, with a new baby on the way, he hustled to land a job and provide for his family. They’re stable now, living in their own small studio but they still have a long way to go.

Stuff the Bus helped minimize the impact of those scary months on Yélena and her future. She’s grateful she was able to start school with the supplies she needed to succeed in class. We’re confident she’ll continue to excel.  Yélena is just one of thousands of students throughout Monterey County whose families cannot afford all the materials they need for school —  uniforms, shoes, binders,  calculators, etc. 

More than a backpack, Stuff the Bus is an investment in our future. Having the necessary supplies promotes learning, encourages self-esteem and helps kids stay in school.  

That benefits us all.

To learn more about the impact of Stuff the Bus, watch our video.