Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Accountability Assessment Tool
The Accountability Assessment Tool is designed for nonprofit organizations to use in order to assess their performance in 10 areas of accountability. It is designed to allow nonprofits to see what kinds of practices, principles and behaviors are already embedded in the organization and which ones might require proactive effort to create and use.

Donor Bill of Rights
Declaración de los Derechos de los Donantes
Several prominent fundraising organizations have developed the Donor Bill of Rights to assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations they are asked to support.

Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County (NAMC)
NAMC is an unincorporated membership organization that develops and implements programs that encourage its members to work collaboratively and support one another, improve the internal operations and structures of nonprofit organizations and that speak to the larger community about the critical role of the nonprofit industry in our society. NAMC website:

For the Common Good -- Executive Summary
For the Common Good -- Full Report
Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in sustaining Monterey County's economic and social health. The Economic Impact Study, For the Common Good, tells the story of Monterey County nonprofits and demonstrates their collective strength and impact on the local economy.

Build a Non-Profit Website for $100
The Beginners Guide to Google Ad Grants
Updating a nonprofit's online presence is thought to be a daunting task that takes time and money. It does not have to be. The following two websites posted to whoishostingthis outline the necessary steps for building a cost-effective nonprofit website. Furthermore, Google Ad Grants is a service that enables nonprofits access to a $10,000 monthly budget of free advertising. Google Ad Grants encourages nonprofit managers to advance their institutional knowledge of online marketing as they advance their organization's online presence.

Monterey County Child Care Planning Council
The mission of the Monterey County Child Care Planning Council is to create a comprehensive, integrated child care delivery system that offers Safe, high quality, culturally sensitive, affordable child care to Monterey County families who need it, Allows parental choice and is supported by a partnership of public and private resources

Trustline is California’s registry of in-home child care providers, tutors, in-home counselors, and child care staff at Ancillary Child Care Centers who have passed a background screening. It was created by the California Legislature in 1987 and is a powerful resource for parents hiring a nanny or baby-sitter. All caregivers listed with TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice. This means they have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California. TrustLine is administered by the California Department of Social Services and the non-profit California Child Care Resource and Referral Network. It is endorsed by the California Academy of Pediatrics.