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Welcome and Thank you for Participating in the Rabobank Employee Giving Campaign!

Goal: $2,500

Debit, Credit Card or Check Contribution

At Rabobank, we have earned a reputation for caring about the communities where we work and live. Every year, we get a chance to demonstrate that community spirit and leadership by taking part in our local United Way campaign. Your generous participation puts you in good company. Thousands of individuals throughout the area support United Way Monterey County. That broad support and the fact that the money stays in your local community is what makes this campaign so unique. Your gift helps support the basic building blocks of a good quality of life – access to early care and education, access to affordable housing and asset building. United Way brings people together to build stronger communities – as volunteers, as advocates and as donors – to create opportunities for all.Please join us in supporting this year’s effort by contributing as generously as you are able. Together, we are helping make a positive change in our community.


Rabobank Leadership Team

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Our Impact Stories

Some of the ways your gift helps others

$130 10 individuals living in poverty can access the help they need 24/7.  Top requests: food, shelter, housing and legal services – immigration, naturalization and help navigating the correctional system.

$260 8 working families (average income=$23,100) get free tax prep and help claiming all eligible tax credits.  Average refund is $1,749, making it the biggest paycheck of the year for many.

$520 26 students who are homeless get a backpack filled with supplies they need to succeed in class

$1,300 3 children of farmworkers attend 60 hours of high quality preschool and get a head start toward success in school

$2,600 1 family gets individual support so they can create financial stability and have more options in life