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Impact Monterey County Network Supports Collective Impact

Impact Monterey County (IMC) is a collaborative effort of nonprofits, businesses, public agencies and the community working together to identify the aspirations of Monterey County residents related to education, economic self-sufficiency, and health. The benefit to our community will be the alignment of stakeholders toward common goals and measurements that improve conditions for all.

The goals of IMC are to:

  • Assess:  To assess and measure important community needs
  • Collaborate:  To identify other community assessments and use existing data to ensure efficiencies and to streamline IMC
  • Align:  To align stakeholders toward common goals and measurements that improve conditions for all
  • Implement/Take Action:  To establish a common agenda for addressing specific issues impacting communities throughout Monterey County and to take actionable steps toward accomplishing said agenda
  • Measure/Sustain:  To establish a plan to measure progress made toward common agenda and to continue the assessment process at regular intervals going forward

In February, 2016, in partnership with our IMC network, the Impact Monterey County Network to support Collective Impact was established. To achieve its stated goals, there are two principal stakeholders who will receive added value:

  1. The Community: The network will work to more effectively and efficiently to realize the community's aspirations, priorities and visions.
  2. Collective Impact Change Managers: In order to bring about change, the network will ensure a responsive approach to change makers' needs and interest, ensuring maximum capacity-building.

To achieve this, the network has identified three priority areas for the next six-12 months and formed working groups. The priority areas are:

  1. Data & Impact Management: To ensure transparency, accountability and communication with the community regarding IMC's progress, the network will collect and provide accurate and updated data to the public.
  2. Communications: To decrease confusion and increase understanding and involvement with IMC's vision and priorities, IMC updates and progress will be made available to the public through clean and transparent information and communication campaigns.
  3. Sustainability: To bring about long-term impact, IMC will emphasize developing a strong network of leaders who will continue to carry IMC's efforts for years to come.

Current membership in the IMC network includes:

  • Bright Beginnings
  • Bright Futures
  • Center for Nonprofit Excellence/Community Foundation
  • Community Alliance for Safety & Peace, City of Salinas
  • Four Cities for Peace: 21st Century Gonzales Youth, City of Gonzales
  • Health in All Policies (HiAP)
  • Monterey County Gang Violence Prevention Initiative
  • Monterey County Health Department
  • Monterey Peninsula Foundation
  • North Monterey County Community Alliance
  • United Way Monterey County (UWMC)
Watch The Panel Discussion

The Impact Monterey County panel discussion is available to watch on your television, tablet, smartphone or computer. Learn how to watch the panel discussion HERE.

Read the Findings from Assessment

You Answered!  After 70 community conversations and 7,281 surveys from adults and high school students across the county, the Impact Monterey County's (IMC) Community Assessment is finally complete! The IMC network team has analyzed the resuls so as to pinpoint the needs and aspirations of the Monterey Peninsula. These findings were used to create an action plan for overcoming some of the greatest challenges facing our region. To learn more about the IMC Community Assessment's findings, you can read the final reports for the Youth and Adult Surveys, as well as the Community Conversations listed below. Read the findings.

Impact Monterey County's Adult Survey

Impact Monterey County's Youth Survey

Impact Monterey County is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the United Way Monterey County and consists of non-profits, businesses, public agencies, and the community all working together to identify the most effective ways to improve life in our County.

An Example of What's Possible

United Way of Treasure Valley, Idaho used a Community Assessment to identify and address critical, overlooked community needs. Watch their video.

Impact Monterey County's core values:


  • INCLUSIVENESS: Reflect the residents of Monterey County in terms of the demographic, geographic, and socio-economic makeup of the study’s participants
  • COURAGE: Ensure that the results of the study will lead to collective action
  • ACCEPTANCE: Accept and be open to all ideas that are expressed and uncovered during the study
  • RESPECT: Honor each participant’s perspective and treat all with dignity
  • EVIDENCE: Be unbiased and thorough in the interpretation and dissemination of study data and results