Art from the Inside, a Backpack Redemption

A donation of 35 pieces of art created by inmates in the Life CYCLE (Careless Youth Corrected by Lifer’s Experience) self-help group at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad will be auctioned to benefit Stuff the Bus

“When the opportunity to help children and low income families came across I felt very moved to help because when I was a child I would be so happy if someone would have helped me and my family. I would hurt seeing my father struggle. I hurt seeing my wife struggle also. I’m doing my part to help out in a child’s life and education,” explains contributing artist Arturo Romero.

Purchase Art:  The art will be sold online at For each $20 donated, a child will receive a backpack filled with supplies!

“Our youth is our future and I truly believe that their education is extremely important. Many children struggle with not having the necessary school supplies. No child should go through something like that. United Way and their Stuff the Bus drive helps provide to those in need, showing these children that someone cares about their education, their future.   

“Hope you enjoy the piece. I would like to thank United Way for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a humbling and amazing experience.  Also, thank you, for allowing me the opportunity of sharing a small piece of my life and artwork with you,” says contributing artist Cesar Morales.

Life CYCLE also contributed $1,000 to this year’s Stuff the Bus drive, which was used to buy fully stuffed backpacks for 60 Kindergartners in Castroville.  The children, who did not have access to center-based care, are enrolled in a special Summer Bridge Kinder Prep program to better prepare them for school.