Stuff the Bus!

Stuff the Bus Provides Tools for
Kids to Succeed in School!


What is Stuff the Bus?
Stuff the Bus is an initiative of United Way Monterey County focused on helping send vulnerable students around Monterey County back to school ready to learn. Vulnerable students include homeless and foster youth who frequently underperform in school due to the stress of unstable households. In 2015, there were over 7,170 students living in homeless or near homeless conditions. Stuff the Bus collects donated school supplies to help those students go to school with increased confidence and with the supplies needed to perform successfully in the classroom.

What Happened This Year?
In July of 2015, over 130 volunteers and many donors came together to help support United Way Monterey County in our efforts to serve the children and families struggling in our County.
As a result of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers, UWMC was able to stuff and distribute 2,180 backpacks to school districts across Monterey County. UWMC was also able to send along over 100 more bags of school supplies, and additional boxes of school supplies for the homeless liasons, and teachers in the districts that needed it most.

Why is This Important?
The number of homeless students in Monterey County has increased each of the past five years.  There is still much to be done so that every student has the required school supplies their families cannot afford.   
We look forward to continuing our efforts to serve families throughout the year with our Basic Needs Pilot Project, and our w- in addition to our other services.

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