HCS/HSBC 20th Anniversary Reunion

Welcome! Thank you for Participating in the HCS/HSBC Anniversary Reunion!

Dear Team,
In honor of our long history of philanthropic community support via United Way Monterey County (UWMC), we are trying to help them think through new ways to engage the corporate community, and we will serve as their beta test for this new concept. Given that we were traditionally leaders in both innovation and philanthropy in this community, this felt like a natural way for us to give back to the community 20 years later during our reunion.

We will be participating in a Hackathon that will take place between 10 am - 2 pm PT at CSUMB’s new Business and Information Technology center. You will learn about the community, some of the issues being addressed by United Way, and help generate solutions and new approaches. We would like to have you and your guests participate in this session on an opt-in basis, and we will use your brains and not your brawn! Our HCS/HSBC team will work together to help brainstorm innovative solutions to some of the county’s biggest socio-economic problems.

Beyond the Hackathon, we are trying to help jump start lasting change in these focus areas through philanthropy. HCS and HSBC have a history of playing a leadership role in philanthropy in this community. We thought it very fitting to put our brains to good use in the Hackathon to help the community, while also putting our wallets behind our thinking to help seed innovation and experimentation in the social sector through UWMC.

To that end, we are establishing the Community Innovation Fund at UWMC and the HCS/HSBC reunion gifts are the first to invest in the fund, and we would like to have 100% participation from the group. We would like to help UWMC be a catalyst for change in Monterey County, a place that has been very good to all of us.

We look forward to our time together!

Best regards,
The Planning Committee


Learn more about United Way Monterey County

Note about parking: University construction is disrupting normal traffic flow and parking options. If you choose to drive on your own, please allow extra time for parking and walking.

This is a map of the campus with the BIT (506) highlighted. Permit parking is available but be prepared to pay ~ $1/hr.  
Parking recommendations:

  • Parking lot 1 (across from the construction zone)
  • Parking lot 508
  • Parking lot 23 (both on the left side of the construction area next to our building), or
  • Parking lot 16 (across 506--past the main quad).
  • Parking lot 59  on 7th Avenue, a short 5 minute walk down "A St" which will lead them straight to the BIT building. See map link for lot 59
  • Further parking map detail


Goal: 100% participation


Thank you for your support of United Way Monterey County. You are making a difference in our community. You have selected debit card/credit card as your contribution method. You will receive an electronic acknowledgement of your gift. For questions, please contact Katy Castagna at


Some of the ways your yearly gift helps others
$120 = 10 individuals living in poverty can access the help they need 24/7. Top requests: food, shelter, housing and legal services – immigration, naturalization and help navigating the correctional system.
$240 = 10 working families (average income=$23,100) get free tax prep and help claiming all eligible tax credits. Average refund is 1,749, making it the biggest paycheck of the year for many.               
$480 = 26 students who are homeless get a backpack filled with supplies they need to succeed in class.
$1,200 = 3 children of farmworkers attend high quality preschool throughout the entire growing season, getting a head start toward success in school.
$2,400 = 1 family receives 9 months of individual support so they can create financial stability and have more options in life.