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Struggling to Get By -- The Real Measure of Poverty in California

Struggling to Get By: The Real Cost Measure in California 2015, report released by United Ways of California finds that 3.2 million California households do not earn enough income to pay for  food, rent, health care -- the most basic level of economic security. Not only can't these households save for the future or afford “luxuries”, they are forced to make tradeoffs between necessities such as child care or doctor’s appointments to make ends meet.   Struggling to Get By introduces the Real Cost Measure, a new tool that provides a more realistic picture of poverty than the Federal Poverty Line. The Real Cost Measure creates “basic needs” budgets for households, using actual costs for food, housing, transportation, health care, childcare, and taxes throughout California.

The Homeless Census for Monterey County

The homeless census is a biannual census of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population in Monterey County. This project is a requirement for Monterey County to receive HUD Continuum of Care funding for homeless service provider2017 Homeless Census for Monterey County.

Health and Well-being in Monterey County

Call to Action Plan: 2008-2013. Working Together to Create Healthy People in Healthy Places 

Workplace Stereotypes: A Guide for Being Inclusive of Persons with Disabilities

Women and Children in Monterey County

Homeless Women in Monterey County: Key Findings

Monterey County Children's Council--Report to the Community for 2012-2013

Girls' Health Action Plan 2009

Monterey County Children's Council--Report to the Community for 2007-2008

First Glance: Quality of Life of Women and Girls in Monterey County 2003


Living and Working in Monterey County

Looking Closely at our Community: The Quality of Life of Adults in Monterey County

The Self-Sufficiency Standard                                                                                                      

This tool measures how much a family needs to earn to make ends meet in their county without public or private assistance.