South County Directory

Directory of Health & Human Services
South Monterey County 

Fall 2017 Version

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Monterey County Supervisor Simón Salinas originally convened a group of stakeholders in 2013 to identify services, barriers and service gaps to those seeking mental health and human service in South Monterey County. This group is now known as the South County Behavioral Health Subcommittee and has been working to bring improved health care services to South Monterey County residents through improved cooperation, coordination and collaboration among service providers. In addition to these achievements this directory was created to help simplify access to services for residents and service providers. 
All comments on how to improve this directory are welcomed. It is hoped that as the directory is used, agencies will help us to complete the information fields listed here by using the addition, change and correction form on page 93 and submitting it, as may be convenient by email, fax or telephone.