Are You and Your Family Prepared for a Disaster?



On Thursday, September 6th, United Way Monterey County staff participated in a regional exercise to improve Monterey County’s disaster preparedness plan. The exercise was designed by the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative and was based on the scenario of a catastrophic earthquake that occurred on Labor Day. During the exercise, two staff members supported the Emergency Operations Center with public information sharing and messaging, via 2-1-1. Another team set up and activated an Emergency Volunteer Center to process and deploy Disaster Service Workers to help support relief and recovery efforts.

The exercise was very informative and shed light on the work we all need to do to better prepare ourselves for crisis situations. Since September is National Preparedness month, we invite you to join us in creating or updating your Emergency Supply Kits.

You can also register for Monterey County’s Emergency Alert Program so that you can stay informed about emergencies and other important community news.