Smart Referral Network


What is the SRN?

To increase the scale and impact of the Active Referral Network (ARN), the United Way Monterey County has developed Smart Referral Network software (SRN). The SRN allows users to make “closed loop” referrals.  Case Managers, other front line workers, and residents in need of services use the program to identify needed services in the County 211 health and human service database and more effectively enroll in them. 

The SRN also allows for the measurement of the social determinants of health (SDOH) outcomes of those services.  More than forty local community benefit organizations use the SRN to provide wrap around services and ensure referrals lead to impactful outcomes for their clients. 





Making Electronic Referrals

Case Managers work with clients to identify service needs outside of their program areas. Clients enter in demographic information such as ethnicity, disability, and income. Together they use the search tool to find needed services in 211. The software compares client demographics with program eligibility requirements and generates a “smart” list of services for which their client would likely be eligible.

The SRN Smart Bot allows residents the ability to refer themselves. Residents with access to the internet enter in their personal information; sign a Release of Information form; and search for services based on the 211 taxonomy.


Partner Dashboards

Network partners have access to referral dashboards where they can respond to referrals received, track referrals they sent, monitor the services their clients receive, keep track of their clients’ SDOH improvements and document case notes and other program outcomes.


Referral Consent and Release of Information




Chatbot Self-Referral Tool

United Way Monterey County has developed a chatbot that allows individuals to connect with more than 50 local agencies and hundreds of services. The chatbot will ask questions about personal information to help you get connected to services that you may be eligible to receive. If you find a service that you would like, you can send your information to the specific agencies that provide the service. They will reach out to you and attempt to enroll you in their services. If you are interested in using the chatbot, select click on the icon to get started.


chat bot saying "May I help you?"

click image above and visit to use the chatbot


Participating Agencies

  • Immediate Needs (food, shelter, rent, utilities): Dorothy’s Place; Salvation Army (Salinas & Monterey Corps), Meals on Wheels: Salinas & Monterey, New Life Church, Community Human Services (CHS) Salinas Valley Street Outreach Program, Center for Community Health Engagement, Epicenter
  • Financial Education: United Way Monterey County
  • Early Care and Education: Monterey County of Education, Community Action Partnership: SLO, Door to Hope, MAOF
  • Housing Resources: Eden Housing**; Housing Resource Center, Community Homeless Solutions, CHISPA**, Center for Community Advocacy, Housing Authority, MidPen**
  • Disabilities: Central Coast Center for Independent Living
  • Adult Education: Hartnell College HEP; Gonzales Adult School
  • Training: Loaves, Fishes & Computers
  • Workforce Development: Goodwill Central Coast
  • Legal Assistance: Watsonville Law Center, CRLA
  • Basic Needs/Domestic Violence: Gathering for Women, Casa de Noche Buena (CHS), YWCA
  • Family Resources: Castro Plaza Family Resource Center, Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance, Mujeres en Accion
  • Asset Building & Access to Community Services: Catholic Charities
  • Substance Abuse: Sun Street Centers, Valley Health Associates
  • Counseling and Youth: Harmony at Home, Rancho Cielo, Boys and Girls Club
  • Utility Assistance: Central Coast Energy Services
  • Foster Care: Kinship Center
  • Cities: Gonzales, Soledad, King City, Seaside, Monterey
  • Health Care: Community Hospital Monterey Peninsula; Doctors on Duty, Central Coast Alliance for Health, SVMH*, Titanium Health Care*
  • Mental Health: Shine a Light Foundation; Harmony at Home, Hope Horses and Kids, Ohana, Wonder Wood Ranch
  • Student Services: Cal State University Monterey Bay**
  • Seniors: Health Projects Center

SRN Cyber Security Policies and Restrictions

United Way Monterey County Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

Access and Permissions

  • Personalized onboarding for each partner
  • Organization, program, and user level roles and permissions
  • Web based access, login with username and unique password
  • Client referral authorization and ROI forms
    • English and Spanish
    • Rights & Recourse,
    • Expiration date
  • Partner MOUs: Client confidentiality & Privacy, HIPAA, Data Sharing
  • Cybersecurity Insurance protection: includes Security Breach Response Coverage


  • AWS Cloud that is infinitely scalable
  • Data secured and encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Amazon security oversight
  • Redundantly stored data for disaster recovery
  • Regular Penetration testing 

Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information

  • Referral Outcomes to health services are obfuscated



Partners run reports on the “SDOH” outcomes of services, referrals made and received, and referrals that result in services. Reports are used to develop a baseline starting point from which to monitor growth.