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The Tax Filing Deadline is Monday, April 15th.




United Way's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance service (VITA) puts money back into the pockets of working families. Our goal is to make sure you get your FULL refund, claim all your eligible credits, and learn to use taxes to grow your assets!

Our IRS-trained volunteers offer FREE Tax Prep for families and individuals who earned less than $64,000 in 2023! You can count on VITA volunteers to provide the highest quality tax service to families, individuals, and self-employed taxpayers. 

Use this Tax Prep Checklist to help you prepare so you are ready to file and maximize your refund. 

How to file after Monday, April 15th:

  1. File for free online at

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Options After Deadline

If you expect a refund, file without penalty for up to 3 years!




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Si anticipa un reembolso, presente sus impuestos sin penalización por hasta 3 años!




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Appointments for the 2023 tax season are now closed. Please refer to the information above about filing after the April 15th deadline.


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Updates for Taxes Paid in 2023


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California Earned Income Tax

California Earned Income Tax (CalEITC) is a cash tax credit that puts money back into the pockets of California’s working families and individuals. In its first year, CalEITC boosted the income of about 385,000 families, who shared almost $200 million from the cash credit. CalEITC helps working families get ahead. Studies show that young children in households that receive the EITC do better in school, are more likely to attend college, and earn more, brightening the future of the next generation.


Number of Qualifying Children CA Maximum Income CalEITC (up to) IRS EITC (up to)
None $30,950 $285 $600
1 $30,950 $1,900 $3,995
2 $30,950 $3,137 $6,604
3 or more $30,950 $3,529 $7,430


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Young Child Tax Credit Expansion

  • Maximum amount of Credit of $1,117 for tax year 2023.

  • Credit starts to phase out as earned income exceeds the threshold amount of $25,775 and completely phases out at $30,932.

  • For individuals with no earned income, there is a cap of $33,497 for the net losses.

Foster Youth Tax Credit

  • Maximum amount of credit for tax year 2023 is $1,117 per individual.

  • Refundable Credit

  • Credit starts to phase out as earned income exceeds the threshold amount of $25,775 and completely phases out at $30,932.


  • Was in foster care placement while 13 years of age or older

  • Is between the ages of 18 to 25 by the end of tax year

  • Is eligible to claim CalEITC in the taxable year of credit



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