Cal Am Water Partners with United Way to offer Financial Assistance Program


Recognizing that no one should go without the essential service of safe, reliable water, California American Water launched a new hardship assistance program to provide relief for its most financially burdened customers. The Cal Am funded program covers the outstanding balance of qualified customers who are currently in arrears with their water bill or in receipt of a 3-day notice of water shut-off.

Customer eligibility for the Hardship Benefit Program is determined by United Way Monterey County. If the applicant is approved, UWMC provides a payment to Cal Am on the customer’s behalf toward the outstanding bill. The program is funded through a $50,000 grant from California American Water and provides financially strapped customers help they could not receive elsewhere. Water customers interested in assistance from the Hardship Benefit Program should call California American Water’s customer service center at 1-888-237-1333. Cal Am’s call handlers will refer customers to the program who require additional assistance beyond payment arrangements and enrollment in the company’s existing low income program.

“United Way is pleased to be a part of this innovative service to local people who are in financial crisis,” said Katy Castagna, President and CEO of United Way Monterey County.  “Our 2-1-1 Call Specialists can deliver timely relief to people who qualify.”

“We understand that sometimes customers face extraordinary circumstances and challenges that make it difficult to meet their monthly expenses and want to provide a helping hand,” said California American Water Director of Operations for the Monterey district, Eric Sabolsice. “We’ve had a long-standing relationship with United Way and are very pleased to work with such a qualified, reputable organization to implement this program.”

Cal Am is offering the pilot Hardship Benefit Program in addition to its longstanding Low Income Assistance Program, which provides qualifying customers with a monthly discount on their water bill. Financially distressed customers can also work with Cal Am’s customer service center to establish payment plans in the event that the customer cannot pay the full balance of their water bill. Customers already enrolled in the Low Income Assistance Program may apply for additional support through the Hardship Benefit Program, but the customers do not necessarily have to be low-income to qualify, as the Program seeks to accommodate customers that may be experiencing temporary financial hardship.

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