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STAY UNITED by Leaving Your Legacy

We launched our Legacy Circle in 2020, in celebration of United Way Monterey County’s 20-year anniversary. We are grateful for the support and loyalty of the  legacy giving donors to United Way Monterey County and we look forward to growing our legacy circle.    

Impact of Your Gift

Your legacy gift to United Way Monterey County will:

  • Continue to improve lives in Monterey County 
  • Deliver an enduring message to your family and community of your philanthropic values
  • Leverage your donation to have the greatest influence
  • Help maximize diverse partnerships in our community to find long term solutions for current socio-economic

The process is simple, and the impact will last for generations. Visit our How to Give page to learn more.

Legacy Circle Stories

Jack R. Killian

Mr. Killian was a respected member of the Salinas community, a talented trumpet player, golfer, and a bridge player.

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Emilie "Dolly" Koontz

Dolly, a first-generation American, pursued her life in 1950's Monterey as a strong-minded woman determined to accomplish business success and financial independence.

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Stephen Michael Lucas

Stephen believed in the social responsibility of each person to provide help to others without judgment.

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Current Legacy Donors

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Jeffrey Abrams*
  • Mary L. Adams
  • Anonymous
  • Katy Castagna and Gary Ray
  • Francis H. Cislini*
  • Gwen Bowen Crader *
  • Tina E. Engquist (Murray)
  • Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin
  • Ruth Hartmann*
  • Jack Killian*
  • Dolly Koontz*
  • Stephen Lucas*
  • Audrey and Michael McCarthy *
  • Lynda Patrick
  • Robert A. Sanders*
  • Betty Jean Stallings



Your legacy gifts are needed to ensure that we continue our  impact in Monterey County and help residents achieve financial stability.  

For more information about  Legacy Giving, contact Lynda Patrick, Vice President, Resource Development at Lynda.Patrick@UnitedWayMCCA.org.

United Way Monterey County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID 94-1322169. Please use this number to further identify us when making a legacy gift.