LIVE UNITED Service Awards

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali

Save the Date: The LIVE UNITED Awards Reception and Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

United Way Monterey County's LIVE UNITED Awards celebrate and recognize volunteers for their contributions to our community in the broad priority areas of Child Care & Education, Housing Solutions, and Financial Education & Services.

The nomination form consists of three sections: Nominee Information, Priority Areas, and Narrative.

Please note: Nominations will not be considered for evaluation unless submitted through this online form.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, February 28. No late nominations will be accepted.

If you have questions, please contact Helena Virga at (831) 372-8026, ext 114 or email.

Nominator Contact Information:
Nominee Information
When nominating a group, please include the names of all nominees. This will ensure that we acknowledge all nominees within the group.

Nominee Contact Details

E-mail address of nominee
Phone Number of nominee
Priority Areas

Child Care & Education 

Child care and education exceptional volunteerism can range from working with early learners and youth to advocating for and working towards adding more quality and affordable child care slots to our county. Some examples include creation of a peer-to-peer school tutoring program, volunteering for a youth program, leading cultural learning activities, leading a model United Nations youth program, and advocating for minority youth in the community.

Brief sample of volunteer activities:  Teaching - Tutoring - Caregiving - Club Leading - Coaching - Fundraising - Mentoring - Nurturing - Inspiring - Reading - Play - Advocacy


Housing Solutions

Housing solutions volunteerism can take many shapes and forms; educating the public on local homelessness, repairing homes, assisting with donations, and cooking meals for those in need. Examples include building a coalition of members to support seniors facing homelessness, delivering meals to homebound seniors, videotaping council meetings to inform the public, and providing community support programs at low income housing developments.

Brief sample of volunteer activities:  Building - Constructing - Repairing - Housing - Sheltering - Funding - Clothing - Landscaping - Restoring - Feeding - Cooking 


Asset Building

Asset building volunteerism can range from mentoring and professional development support to financial education. Examples include providing free tax preparation services, financial literacy workshops, resource support for vulnerable women, financial planning or counseling, and providing pro bono branding and marketing support for a nonprofit in need.

Brief sample of volunteer activities: Advocating - Programming - Coaching - Marketing -Teaching - Mentoring - Training - Presenting - Writing - Employment - Support

Please use the "brief sample of volunteer activities" as a guide to determine the priority area the nominee serves.
Please provide the ZIP code(s) (or city) where the nominee provided service for recognition by elected officials

Use the criteria below to frame your narrative and provide enough detail so that someone unfamiliar with your organization’s work will understand the value of the nominee’s contribution.

Your description will be used to create a brief narrative to honor your nominee at the ceremony.


  • What community need(s) did your nominees’ service address?


  • What service did your nominee provide?
  • Provide details about how their volunteer service went above expectations.
  • How did the nominee’s activities show innovative or unique approaches to the service they provided?
  • How did they drive measurable impact?
  • How did they create sustainable solutions?
  • Did they engage multiple stakeholders? 


  • Did your nominee start new programs or initiate activities to address a need in the Agency or community?
  • If yes, what were they?
  • How has this initiative benefitted the community/clients served?
  • How is your nominee a collaborative problem-solver?
  • How does your nominee demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and respect?
  • What core values or characteristics did your nominee demonstrate?   
If your nominee did not initiate anything new, write N/A in the box


  • List specific examples of the positive impact and benefits achieved as a result of the activities and efforts of this nominee.
  • What is the nominee’s level of involvement?
  • Approximately how many people have benefitted from their efforts?
  • How does the nominee’s activities influence a culture of volunteerism?


  • How much time did your nominee dedicate to this effort in 2019?
  • What was the frequency of their efforts? (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly)
  • You may include details about their long-term service, if appropriate.


  • What else should we consider about this nominee?
Please submit high quality digital, portrait style photo of the nominee(s) along with the application.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.