MCERAP Prioritization Policy


Due to limited funds, the Monterey County Emergency Rental Assistance Program has instituted a prioritization policy in order to ensure the assistance can be distributed as equitably and to as many households in need as possible. Please note that as of April 14, 2022, the program is no longer accepting new applications, including additional funding requests. Please see below for details.

  • For rent in arrears, the max number of months we can assist with is 12 (unless the tenant requires up to 18 to prevent eviction)
  • For future rent, the max number of months we can assist with is 3
  • For a hybrid of future/arrears, max number of months we can assist with is 15, only 3 of which can be future rent (or 18, ONLY if 15 are required to prevent eviction, 3 of which can be future rent)
  • Prioritization criteria will utilize the following factors:
    • Household Income
    • Higher score using a 10 point scale = higher priority
  • From the list of eligible applicants, we would prioritize households whose income is at or under 30% AMI > 50% AMI > 80% AMI
  • In all cases, rental arrears are to be prioritized over future rent and over utility payments
  • To prioritize and ensure fairness, applicants who are unresponsive after three (3) attempts via phone or email or after 10 business days will be placed on our unresponsive list. Any application placed on this list cannot be guaranteed assistance.


Point System

  • Behind on rent (6 points)
  • Behind on rent and received a pay or quit notice (2 points)
  • Behind on rent and received an official eviction notice (2 points)
  • Not behind on rent but currently facing housing instability (defined as inability to pay upcoming rent) ( 1 point)
  • Currently unemployed (1 point)
  • Household facing a crisis or special circumstance* (1 point)
  • First time applicant (3 points)


*special circumstances could include the following:

  • single parent
  • veteran
  • disabled
  • other circumstances as defined by the assisting agency


This policy is effective as of 1/21/22.