Community Reentry Program


In cooperation with the Division of Adult Parole Operations, we would like to introduce you to resources available to assist you with re-entry into your community. The Parole Division coordinates, and facilitates orientation meetings called P.A.C.T. (Parole and Community Team), which is designed to connect you with agencies that are interested in assisting and working with you to address your needs and help meet your goals. 

In order to connect you with an array of multiple services, the Division of Adult Parole along with your PACT service providers hold bi-monthly meetings. Upon your release from prison, jail, or anytime you would like to attend a PACT meeting, you will have an opportunity to engage with any of our PACT providers, creating your own network and pathway towards a successful reintegration back into your community. Contact information for these agencies has been incorporated into this website. Good luck, and welcome home! 

For more information:
Salinas Parole Office
320 Airport Blvd
Salinas, CA 93905
Phone: 831-422-2043

Directory of Services

Proposition 36 Information

Temporary Housing
Residential Program
Adults with Mental Illness Residential Programs
Men’s Residential  Programs
Family Housing
Women’s Residential Programs
Counseling Awareness
Outpatient Programs
Substance Abuse & Counseling Assistance
Employment Development
Educational Growth and Vocational Development
Social Service Programs
Medical Services
Food Services
Tattoo Removal Services
Family & Youth Services