Spring Spruce Up


Spring Spruce Up Volunteers
"Play is the work of childhood" - Jean Piaget

Play is essential to the healthy development of children and adolescents. Play influences the development of fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability. The goal of Spring Spruce Up is to ensure early learning environments are well equipped to stimulate the social, emotional and academic development of our youngest children.

Join United Way for Spring Spruce Up as we upgrade play facilities at early childhood education centers throughout the county. Tasks will include painting, equipment assembly and installation, gardening, cleaning and more. Ideal for large groups or individuals. All ages welcomed.

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Thanks to our sponsor's generous support children in our communities have a beautiful outdoor area to learn and grow.

If you are interested in supporting Spring Spruce Up please contact Lynda Patrick.