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What is Earn It! Keep It! $ave It?

In 2009, the Earn It, Keep It, $ave It! program was adopted as an umbrella initiative to build the financial stability for Monterey County residents. Earn It, Keep It, $ave it includes programs such as the VITA free tax prep service, and scheduled financial stability workshops.

United Way Monterey County is currently working to provide even more resources and programs to empower and inspire working families to take control of their household finances to create a more stable and balanced lifestyle for family members and communities. Stay tuned!

How are We Making Families More Financially Stable?

Now, more than ever, the American family is faced with financial threats to their quality of life on a daily basis. Shrinking wages, increased costs, and depletion of savings are the main causes of financial instability for many working families. United Way Monterey County aims to change the odds that are facing the American public. EK$ exists to help families grow toward a more secure economic future. How?

Through our work with The Community Assessment for Monterey County, groups of community members are working together to determine the key needs of Monterey County residents. EK$ aims to build its program around these findings, to target the key issues facing Monterey County. Currently, the VITA program (under EK$) helps families keep more of their income by providing free tax prep. Our goal is to begin to build a financial collaborative that can tackle the key gaps in service, and provide assistance to adults seeking financial literacy. 

Earn It: Find A Job That Works For YOU

Keep It: Learn How to Manage Your Money

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$ave It: Grow Your Savings and Security